Prostokvashino is the location of a popular trilogy of Soviet cartoon films, which began with Three from Prostokvashino. Owing to the cold weather and differing opinions on winter shoes, two of the main characters from this trilogy, Sharik and Matroskin, have stopped speaking. Postman Pechkin tries to reconcile them, but it’s difficult and costly to do. Papa and Uncle Fyodor gather on New Year’s in Prostokvashino. But Mama has completely different plans: the Little Blue Light variety show won’t wait.
Rating: 8.4
Release year: 1984
Country: USSR
Genre: Cartoon
Director: Vladimir Popov
Starring: Mariya Vinogradova, Valentina Talyzina, Zinaida Naryshkina
Sovietmovies subtitles: English
Youtube subtitles: Russian