Arthur is the best employee of a collecting firm. He's got a high income and a solid reputation among his colleagues. He risks losing it all at once because of a scandalous video involving him that just hit the web. In one instant he becomes the main target of journalists and gossip columnists. His colleagues and friends turn away from him. He provokes intense hatred within society and is being threatened. The video, that was fabricated to set him up, becomes the truth. The truth he is trying to tell is perceived as a lie.Arthur is trapped inside his office. Alone against the world. But his main enemy, the author of the video, turns out to be a widow who is convinced that it was Arthur who drove her husband to suicide. She is going to do everything in her power to drive him off the deep end.
Rating: 6.8
Release year: 2016
Country: Russia
Genre: Drama Thriller
Director: Aleksey Krasovskiy
Starring: Konstantin Khabenskiy, Polina Agureeva, Kseniya Buravskaya
Sovietmovies subtitles: English
Youtube subtitles: Russian