The cartoon focuses on a Donkey, a Dog, a Cat, and a Rooster and their master Troubadour (much more a classical five-pieces rock-band than a travelling circus), all of whom are voiced by Oleg Anofriyev, with the exception of the Donkey, who is voiced by Anatoli Gorokhov. The young musician falls in love with a princess, voiced by Elmira Zherzdeva, and, after they overcome some troubles, they run away to be together.
Rating: 8.0/10 1,950
Release year: 1969
Country: USSR
Genre: Cartoon
Director: Inessa Kovalevskaya
Starring: Elmira Zherzdeva, Oleg Anofriev, Anatoliy Gorokhov
Sovietmovies subtitles: English
Youtube subtitles: No subtitles