How to use Moscow Metro 2020

The Moscow metro is the fastest transport in the Russian capital. Each year it attracts more and more tourists from different parts of the world. If you have never visited Moscow, in this article you will find all the information about how to use The Moscow metro.

How to find an entrance to the Moscow subway.

All the entrances to the subway could be very different from each other. However, next to every entrance you will find the metro sign with a letter "M" and the name of the station. It also has the description with latin letters. 

The metro sign

How to buy The Moscow metro tickets.

Each station has ticket machines which you can use to buy tickets. They have English interface, and they are very easy to use. These machines also accept Visa and Mastercard. 

Ticket machines 

You can also use the old method and buy the tickets in the ticket office. However, you have to know some Russian to do it. Please check our Russian basic phrases, these can be very useful if you get lost in the metro system, or if you want to buy the tickets in the ticket office.

The ticket office

"Apple Pay" and "Samsung Pay".

This method is the easiest. If you have a smartphone with NFC module, you can come up to the turnstile and pay the toll. Each pass will charge 42 rubles (USD 0,65). Here are the steps for this method:

1. Make sure you attached your bank card to Apple Pay or Samsung Pay.

2. In order to pay the toll with your smartphone, come up to the turnstile, unlock your phone and launch Apple Pay or Samsung pay.

3. Put your smartphone next to the paying sensor on the turnstile.

4. When the payment is complete, you will hear a confirmation sound and you will see the green light on the turnstile.

Supported devices:

Apple Watch, iPhone SE, iPhone 6 and newer models.

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge|S7, Samsung Galaxy A3(2017)/A5(2017)/A7(2017), Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016)/A7(2016), Samsung Galaxy Note5, Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+, Samsung S6 edge|S6 (with NFC) and newer models.

The Moscow Metro tariffs 2019.

1 ride55 RUB (≈0,85 USD)
2 rides110 RUB (≈1.70 USD)
60 rides1900 RUB (≈30 USD)

1 day230 RUB (≈3.60 USD)
3 days438 RUB (≈7 USD)
30 days2770 RUB (≈45 USD)
90 days5430 RUB (≈84 USD)
365 days19500 RUB (≈304 USD)

For unlimited tariffs, the time starts to run form the moment you buy the ticket. For example: You got a ticket for 1 day (24 hrs). If you bought it at 4:30pm, it means that you can use it until 4:30pm next day.

How to use the ticket.

When you get a ticket, you can use it on any Moscow public transport: metro, monorail train, bus, trolley bus and tram. It's very easy to use. Just come up to the turnstile, and put the ticket next to the sensor on the turnstile. You will hear the sound and see the green light.

Important! When you buy the ticket, you WON'T see the number of rides on your ticket! There are only 2 ways to check this:

1. When you get through the turnstile, you will see the number of rides left. They are showed on the turnstile's display.

2. There is a special machine where you can check how many rides are left on your ticket. Each station has that machine, it is a yellow device on a wall. It is very easy to find. Just come up to the machine and put your ticket next to the round yellow  sensor. You will see the number of rides on the display.

Important! You CAN NOT share your ticket with other people. If the metro security sees that, you might get in trouble. Also, don't buy a ride, pass or ticket from other people who offers them.

Accessing the platform.

When you get through the turnstile, you will see an escalator. It is very important to stand on the right side of the escalator so the people who want to go up/down faster, can walk on the left side.

The Moscow Metro navigation.

Before you get in the metro, you will need the map of The Moscow subway system.

The best mobile app for orientation in The Moscow metro is "Yandex Metro". You can easily find this app on "App Store" or "Google play". It also has an English version.

App Store (iOS)

Google Play (Android)

If you prefer an old school method, you can still use a map. You can find it in any lobby of The Moscow metro.

In the middle of each station there is a map with a "Help button" where you can also get support in English.

Also, you can find the map in each subway car .

Download The Moscow Metro map 2019 (Russian/English)

The Moscow Subway System (2019)

The orientation on the platforms is also very simple. You just have to remember the color of the line where you want to go, then follow the signs hanging from the ceiling.

On the train.

You won't have any problems when you are on the train and it's impossible to get lost or confused in there.

Each subway car has: 

  • The map of The Moscow metro (Russian/English).
  • An interactive map above each exit.
  • All stations make announcements in Russian and English.

Each station lights on the map above each exit

Also, you will be able to use free wifi when you are on the train.

To get connected to the Internet in The Moscow metro:

1. Turn on "Wi-Fi" on your device.

2. Choose "Metro_Free" network.

3. Click "Eng" flag to change the interface.

4. Go through a simple registration.

5. You will be able to use the Internet after you watch a short advertisment.

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