Hello, comrade!

If you provide something related with the thematic of our website, you can count on our partnership. However, we use an individual approach to each person. We will always give an answer to any email or message on our social networks. 

For Advertisers

MotherRussia.Net is open for any fair partnership. 

We can provide:

- banner advertising

- text links to your website, product or app

- promotion article

- posts on social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter)

If you have any other offer, don't hesitate to contact us!

For Youtubers

If you are making interesting videos about any Russian topic, we can post your video on our website! How it works? Based on your video, we create an article and make the text version of your video content. Also, we post your video in the body of the article. You get the views from our website, we get visitors to our article.

For writers

If you are studying journalism, or if you are good at writing, you may join our team. You will be writing thematic articles, assisting in editing and doing other creative jobs.






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