Past Tense

Russian Verbs: Past Tense

Verbs in Russian Past Tense are used to describe actions that took place at any time in the past

In English, there are several types of Past Tense, however in Russian they are all combined into one.

Tip: The use of Russian Past Tense depends of the context

Usage of Russian verbs in Past Tense

Russian verbs conjugate by changing the ending. 

Let's analyze our example:  Ма́ша ходи́ла в Кремль

Ма́ша - name of the person

ходи́ла - Past form of the verb "ходить" (to go by foot)

в - preposition

Кремль - the Kremlin

Using Past Tense on the verb "ходи́ть" (infinitive form)

1. Determine the gender of the subject. Masha is Feminine.

2. Take the infinitive form of the verb from "ходи́ть" and remove the ending "ть"

3. Add the appropriate ending form based on subject's gender and the rules below. 

Russian Verbs: Past Tense conjugation rules

Remove endingAddходи́ть (go by foot)
лЯ ходи́л
Ты ходи́л
Он ходи́л
FEMININEлаЯ ходи́ла
Ты ходи́ла
Она ходи́ла
NEUTER лоОно ходи́ло
PLURALлиМы ходи́ли
Вы ходи́ли
Они ходи́ли

Russian Verbs: Past tense exceptions

All Russian exception verbs have specific endings чь, ти, нуть.

Remember! All Russian exception verbs have their own form. 
You have to memorize them.
жечь (to burn)найти́ (to find)со́хнуть (to dry)
Я - Iжёг (m) жгла (f)нашёл (m)нашла́ (f)сох(m)со́хла (f)
Ты - You (informal)
Он - Heжёгнашёлсох_
Оно́ - Itжглонашло́со́хло
Она́ - Sheжгланашла́со́хла
Мы - Weжглинашли́со́хли
Вы - You (formal/pl)
Они́- They


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