Russian alphabet

Russian alphabet

The Russian alphabet is the first step to learn Russian. 

It is the key to explore Russian movies, songs, literature and culture. Even if you are not planning to learn Russian, knowing the alphabet is enough to travel, and to read street and shop signs.

Russian alphabet includes 33 letters: 10 vowels, 21 consonants and signs.

Russian has one sound to one letter, unlike English, where a combination of two letters might have one sound.

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Russian letter
Name of Letter
Similar English sound
А а
a in artist
Б б
b in box
В в
v in very
Г г
g in good
Д д
d in dog
Е е
ye in yes
Ё ё
yo in yoga
Ж ж
s in usual
З з
z in zoo
И и
ee in Freeman
Й й
      [i kratkoe]
y in boy
К к
k in like
Л л
l in lady
М м
m in motor
Н н
n in now
О о
o in opera
П п
p in play
Р р
r in role
С с
s in save
Т т
t in tape
У у
oo in wood
Ф ф
f in fire
Х х
h in hello
Ц ц
ts in sets
Ч ч
ch in cheese
Ш ш
sh in short
Щ щ
sh’ in ship
Ъ ъ
      [tviordyy znak]
Ы ы
i in Bill
Ь ь
      [myagkiy znak]
Э э
e in bet
Ю ю
you as you
Я я
ya in yard